Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rautu's Flight


Author Michelle Franklin writes:

In my humble estimation, this is one of the finest pieces Twisk has ever made.

In one of our conversations about her Ephani piece, I had mentioned that Ephani reminded me of Anne of Green Gables. Twisk burst forth with "I always wanted to visit Green Gables one day". I answered that such a wish was easily fulfilled. Prince Edward Island and Green Gables is not terribly far from where I live and I told her that if she wanted to go, we could plan a trip. She then drew a few images of her packing her bags, hurrying on the plane, landing and running me over, etc. I then said to her, "What about Unghaahi and everyone else? You cannot leave them behind." She proceeded to draw a picture of Unghaahi hidden in a bag of hers along with various other characters. And then I said, "Where is Rautu?" The result was the picture above. I do not know what power of God she was under when she drew this, but for some reason I think this is the most hilarious picture in the world. It's an image of Rautu riding his messenger gull Mr Craw. Granted, Mr Craw is rather immense here, so I had said he could be riding an enormous flying moustache. There was an end to all peace in the matter. I laughed for hours, and am still laughing now as I write and regard the picture. Listening to Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries makes this even more amusing. Just the idea of Rautu riding in the sky, whooping in delight, with his arms wide and legs kicking, murders me beyond conception. 

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