Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Journey

Janir and Sniffles family :)
An image made for the upcoming Tales from Frewyn Vol. 2

 "It was generally conceived that only those who were disposed to require a creed sought conversion on the islands. Many believed that animals, creatures who would follow their own sense of self-governance and counsel of bestial regulation,  could never wish to be a part of a greater collective than the one to which they had already belonged, but when the rains season on the islands was at last over, a few passengers on a small trade frigate conveying spices from Lucentia to Sanhedhran had proved all previous notions on this account incorrect. Amongst Janir's usual consignment of conveyances of news and items sent from Lamir's princedom in exchange for Haanta gold and reports of health and spirits of the islands two leaders came a small family of desert mice.
                Janir had seen them board his vessel, and though his first inclination had been to brush them onto the docks, heave them into the water or crush them underfoot for being potential vermin on his otherwise pristine vessel, their features bore a very different character than the usual sort of mice prevalent aboard trade vessels of lesser distinction. He had looked down and said, "All right, now. Off you go. You know I cannot have you on his highness' ship." He had said in with kindness, hoping they would understand him and find a better home elsewhere, but when they continued scampering onto the deck, he placed his foot down in front of them to impede their venture. "Please do not make me do something I don't want to do," he said in a mournful tone. "You cannot be here. If Lamir or even Ladrei knew you were aboard my ship, I would lose my other fingers." Janir held up the nub of his missing thumb and the mice seemed to understand him. He raised his long, arched brows, pointed them  off the ship with a firm pout and extended finger, but soon all his protestations were assuaged.
                 The mice, in their unusual sagaciousness, had congregated and seemed to be discussing something amongst themselves. Their fingers fidgeted nervously about, their noses sniffed and twitched, their whiskers touched, and when their little assembly had done, the largest of the four mice turned back to Janir, hopped onto the toe of his leather boot, and gazed up at him with large round eyes and a pleading countenance."

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