Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Story time

The two remaining women sat in the yard giving each other knowing smiles as they heard Unghaahi reading one of their favourite picture books to them. The tale recanted of a bridge troll of declared his name Teacup. The Troll professed that though his family wished him to be the most frightening and ferocious troll in all the land, he had only the desire for kindliness and camaraderie. Instead of terrify those who crossed his bridge, he would invite travelers in for tea and cakes. 
"I daresay that book was written with my mate in mind," the commander murmured to Kai Linaa, thinking of the similarities between Rautu and the troll when the option of cakes was given them.
Kai Linaa giggled into her hand and her eyes sparkled with adulation for her mate as he read from the tiny book. "I'm melting. This is adorable," she whispered.
When the story was done, the children cheered for the troll's triumph in gaining so many friends and Obhantaa Leraa suggested they have a tea party in honour of the hero's brave venture to achieve despite all he was taught to believe and follow his Mivaala 

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