Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Haanta Romance

The giant took his mate by the hand and pulled her against him. The warm scent of her dark hair, the temperateness of her body and her willingness to obey his word without opposition was endearing. Such an endearment was in the presences of others unnerving for he was hesitant to show others his dutiful affection for his mate but when in the private aegis of the commons, the giant could not but succumb. His hand lifted to her chin and he craned her neck upward. His thumb and forefinger pressed equally against each opposing cheeks. His firm grip allowed him to lean down slightly to meet her and he forced his mouth upon hers, immensely gratified to taste her warming lips. She was moved to respond with a languid motion of both hands, one grasping for his white locks and the other for his high cheek. Her fingers were occupied with the sensation of his fibrous hair and her palm was well employed with the texture of his skin. The feeling of his dulcet lower lip hunting for hers compelled her to relent and she melted against the giant's formidable form. The touch of her breast against him caused him to gripped her ripe mounds, crushing them with equal want and fervency. 

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