Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Soledhan and his cat

Soledhan cooed at her and crawled over to pet her, but instead lay his head down upon her back and curled beside her. The cat purred, closed its green eyes and allowed the child to use her as a cushion for his head. 
“Are you tired, my love?” the commander asked, leaning to rub her child’s small back.
“Haa, Iimaa,” Soledhan sighed.
“Haa?” she repeated with a tone of misgiving. “I daresay if you want be an Amghari like your father, you must learn to do without sleep.” 
The notion of rest made Soledhan recall the few nights he had spent in the commons and he was compelled to remember the many dreadful and sonorous sounds of the Den Asaan far too comfortable. He began to mimic his father’s dry snores. “Like Utaa,” he said, and then continued with his loud respirations

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