Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Small Kai Linaa and Hebhiitsu

"You wished for approval before continuing?"
She nodded.
"You have it, Young One," the giant said, playfully shaking his fibrous hair about her features.
She simpered and closed her eyes, feeling the tickles his stiff hair accorded her.
"Continue with your portrait, Young One," Hebhiitsu purred. "I am here to guard you until you finish."
The girl gave a short nod and took her pencil from her pocket. She began drawing the lines for a brilliant sun and billowing clouds and she felt a sense of ease overcome her. She began to half-smile as she sketched and, without her knowing, her fingers began to curl around the giant's forefinger. A comfort rushed on her and though her instructor began calling for lessons to begin, she was too enthralled with her new guardian and the serenity he afforded her to remove herself from them. She drew until the depiction was finished and before she could feel the passing of time, the morning had turned into evening and she had gained a friend. 

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