Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Otenohi and Ashta Hiraa

Pencil shading by Gaspare.

Before the woman could protest on the matter of binding morning duties as a commander, the giant grabbed her arm and pulled her back down into his enveloping hold. He lifted his hangaara blanket over them and cloaked her under his impregnable embrace. He coiled his body around hers, draping his grey-white tendrils over her smiling features and pressed his eager mouth to the back of her neck, inhaling her pleasurable scent for his appreciation. The giant groaned as he opened his violet eyes to remark the fulsome woman in his bed and she cultivated the adoration from his steadfast sight. The commander gathered that the Den Asaan had never shared his warmth with another throughout the course of a night and although he would refuse to admit it he was greatly pleased at watching his named mate curl beside him. His serenity was unmistakable as he took in the aroma of her warmed and sinuous flesh, his hands graciously roaming the curve of her wide hips as he nestled his angular nose behind her small ear. 
"Antaa ebhaasit Iimon Ataas Traala," the calmed giant purred. 
A resonating sensation rippled up her spine as her love of the giant speaking in his dialect whelmed her.

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