Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ladrei Maccadrin

As Ladrei was the exemplary in his field, his body had been covered in colourful markings. Beginning from the nape of his neck and extending down to his wrists and the tips of his toes, the illustrious elven rogue was tattooed with his favourite Lucentian myths and tales. His fine garments covered the chief of his elaborate decoration but the edges of the Lucentian designs on his neck were ever visible. The numerous silver and golden pieces adorning his ears marked his rank in their society and there was soon no one who had not heard of Ladrei Maccadrin, hound of the Lucentian royal family. He had been given his own guild to lead and delegate missions as he chose, women to garnish his private residence, men to guard his post, and what was intended to be a lucrative endeavor for the prince was an even more profitable venture for Ladrei. The fortune he had accumulated from his ties with the Lucentian royal family and the added wealth of his portion from those in his guild whom he managed had transformed the assassin into a lord. Every crime committed in the capital was overseen and regulated by Ladrei and his organization. When the prosperous elf realized he had accumulated more riches than that of the royal family, he broke his ties with the prince and became a prince of his own design. He had purchased everything to keep every coin that changed hands in his city under his control. The marketplace, the traders, the shoppes and residences were all acquired. He became landlord, capitalist, trademaster, and left only the industry of slavery under the prince's direction .

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