Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Den Asaan et Den Endari, Rautu agaam Sanhedhran
- (head scout and lead hunter, He who is without Fear from the island of Sanhedhran) - standing in front of the entrance to the Haanta temple in the Khantarian Outpost .

"Do take pity on the poor beast," the commander implored her. 
"What does he want that he cannot order?" the baker asked.
"He has grown quite attached to that ice cream cake in the window display and I dare say he will not go away until you give it to him. Were it not for his duties in the keep, he would pitch his tent outside and camp at your window, remembering to place the opening toward the display so that he could gaze at it for all eternity."
The baker looked at her workers for agreement but they responded with shakes of their heads and terrified looks. Although the baker did not fully wish to agree to allowing the giant the privilege of visits once more she had realized that though he was vicious and unforgiving he seemed so dejected and remorseful standing beyond the door, as though he were little more than a caged animal begging to be set free into the sweetened air of the bakery.

Birthday cake for Boudicca : )

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