Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Are you enjoying your time in the garden, Obhantaa Leraa?" said a soft and sultry voice. 
Obhantaa turned to find the garden keeper Anjhali nearing him. The white giant smiled at the familiar and becoming woman drawing close. Her small frame and pleasant features calmed him and her blue eyes captivated his thoughts. He cooed unconsciously as he heard her repeat her particular name for him and his amber eyes narrowed in delight as she came to sit beside him [...]
Obhantaa smiled timorously at the stunning woman and she responded in kind, her pale cheeks blushing in pleasure for the creature's nervousness. 
"It is easy for me to calm my ethnaa when you are here, Anjhali," the giant softly said. 
The woman simpered. "Leraa, indeed. You are the only man within this temple who always has a kind word for everyone. I have named you well, I see."

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