Saturday, October 27, 2012

Old Grandma Mole - lineart

              One of the books Michelle is writing is called Frewyn Fables - it is gonna be sort of collection of stories for children
                                      taking place in Frewyn ^^  Cute, adorable and I totally love itttt!
                      So here's Baba Mole from a story about unexpected guest appearing in Miss Sniffles' house ^^

"A knock at the door? Impossible. Who could it be, in this weather and at this hour? The Rabbits had all gone to bed by this time of the night, and Mr Hedgehog was far too old to roll through more than one snow bank in a day. Who could have burrowed their way to the door in so short a time? Her curiosity overpowered her. She leapt to the door and threw it aside, and there, on the threshold was the old mole, wearing little more than a red covering, gazing up at her with a toothless grin, her eyes closed under the power of heavy wrinkles, her face crumpled and creased, her hands working and gnarled.
"Hello, deary,” said the mole, her nose twitching. “Lovely evening, isn’t it?”"
                                                                                                                  by Michelle Franklin

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