Monday, July 18, 2011

King Alasdair Brennin

Alasdair Brennin was a generous and sensible young man. His handsome features and amiable character were the demise of many women young and old, but unlike his elder brother, Alasdair had no notion of his appeal and was therefore oblivious to any advance made to him.[...]
Due to complications at Alasdair’s birth, his mother had died and the death of his father shortly followed, leaving him under the tutelage of his grandfather, Good King Dorrin. Alasdair learned his grandfather’s approach, acting with all the civility and kindness of a gracious heart. Upon Dorrin’s death, however, Allande was crowned and Alasdair was then given a choice. He was expected to follow the path of most noblemen in tending to an estate and taking a wealthy wife until such time he may gain the throne, but this style of living, however, could not please him. The options given him were to become a Brother in the Church of Frewyn, remain a prince and remain useless to his kingdom, or join the armed forces and eventually become a high-ranking officer in Frewyn’s armies. Although Alasdair was humble, there were great expectations of him assisting his people and furthering his brother’s rule, therefore making the armed forced his only pleasant alternative: it would keep him away from the castle, away from his brother, and would give him the advantage of usefulness. 

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