Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hinnia : Finished

[...] and she soon found herself confronted with the task of speaking to the most striking and elegant woman she had ever had privilege of seeing. Upturned dark eyes, soft black lashes, full and shapely lips, and sloped and pointed nose, and high groomed brows to finish the furnishings of a perfectly crafted face, and even more to attract was the addition of a tall, upright form, one of broad shoulders, ripe and heavy breasts, slender waist and wide hips being carried by sleek, long legs clothed in fine, ash-coloured silks. A delicate hand reached out to Kai Linaa, and she was powerless to resist. The stunning beauty of the woman now bowing her head to her hand besieged her, and he could say nothing when being asked to introduce herself.

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