Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obhantaa Leraa and Khaasta

Unghaahi looked at the rainbow and then behind him, casting his gaze toward Sanhedhran in the north. "Now that your home his here, brother, this symbol hold another meaning for me," he said, placing his hand on Obhantaa's back.
Obhantaa heard the somber tone in Unghaahi's voice and turned his attention from the arc of light. "What, Dhenidha?" he said, his amber eyes fixed in worry.
"From here, this Vhisthoha can be seen on Sanhedhran, proving that we will not be as far from 
each other as we may believe. It is a short distance from the islands to the outpost and though we may be parted, Anonnaa are always together as long as they are able to see the same Vhisthoha in the sky." 
Obhantaa gauged the renewed happiness in his brother's eyes and then looked up. "The Vhisthoha, Dhenidha?" he repeated, as if the word had suddenly changed in meaning.
"Yes, brother." 

Leraa and his Anonnaa - Khaasta : )

When Anjhali was finished, she ushered Tyira forward to give her mysterious meowing box to the curious couple. 
"I found them in the gardens today. I know the Ghaan no Haantaas says we aren't allowed to subjugate animals," Tyira said, "but these little ones need care and I know how much you adore animals due to your hunter's gift." The woman turned the box over to reveal a plethora of yowling kittens, fumbling over each other as they cried out for someone to tend them. 
Obhantaa's amber eyes widened and he carefully took the box from the woman's hands. "There are so many small khaasta," the white giant marveled, gathering the many tiny cats into his wide lap. [...]
Obhantaa swiftly began decorating himself with the kittens, placing them on his head and shoulders while he held others in his massive palms, rolling them about as they purred and licked his ashen skin. He laughed as they tried to bite his wiggling fingers yet when they attacked, their young mouths were too small to even bite the tip of the giant's callous hands. Rhodhira giggled to see the ones in his hair pulling at his braided yarn and she beamed in joy to see her mate covered in so many tiny meowing creatures.

Obhantaa Leraa watching the ceremony.

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