Wednesday, April 13, 2011


She recalled the one possession her father’s prized besides herself and she lifted the flattened pillow on the bed to find a golden locket just where she conceived it would be. She smiled at it and rubbed over the gold surface with her thumbs recalling how much she loved to look at such an object when she was young. She was only permitted to see it once in a great while due to the sentimental value it held for her father, but now that it was returned her, she felt it prudent to make certain of the item’s security. 

“This was my grandmother’s,” she muttered to the Den Asaan who was lurking in the doorway and guarding her privacy. She displayed the golden locket and opened it. Inside was a silhouette of herself when she was younger, and she gave an amorous sigh to think of how precious she was to the keeper of such an article. “He kept in his front pocket. He took it from his pillow before every sunrise and would look at it every night before putting it away again. He said it represented to the two things he adored the most: his mother and his little monster.”

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