Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brothers of Sanhedhran

"I told the Themari I promised my Anonnaa I would not be parted from them but he did not listen," Obhantaa said quietly. 

The gentle white giant's admission weighed heavy on the hearts of the attentive giants and as they found is difficult to respond to their brother, they turned their faces aside and wiped the burgeoning tears from their violet eyes. Overcome with sentiment, Otenohi lunged forward and embraced his valiant and honourable brother with vigor, crushing him tight within his grasp as he quietly wept upon his mountainous shoulder. Unghaahi realized that the loss of Obhantaa would be devastating for any one of them and he abandoned his work to join in the embrace, wrapping his colossal grey arms around the white giant from the other side. Obhantaa grinned in happiness being encased by his Anonnaa and as Rautu returned with dressings for his injury, he went to Obhantaa's back and knelt down, quietly embracing him about his strong neck.

Otenohi leaned smugly against the tree beside him and folded his large arms over each other, wryly grinning at the giant Haanta. "You may be a master in your art, brother, but you are poorly skilled at hiding your newfound contentment," he observed. [...]
"You must do better to hide your feeling of attachment for the Ghiosa." 
The Den Amhadhri chided himself for being careless and complimentary with displaying his emotions, giving his position away so easily. "It is difficult to do so when she is everywhere," he sighed, disappointed in his open behavior. "She is along the shore in the morning, near the barracks in the evening, in my arms in the darkness, in my mind every-" The serene giant's rich voice slowed as he recalled Kai Linaa's tender manner and inviting approach. His boulderous shoulder's dropped in defeat and he hoped that others who did not know him as intimately would not have noticed his change in behavior.

The priest had opened his mouth to beg for his life but Otenohi's punishment was swift and exacting. The ferocious inquisitor pulled his hand back and released, plunging his fist through the Themari's broken chest. He forced his hand into the priest's torso and tore it back, ripping his heart from his body. The Themari's beating organ pulsed in Otenohi's hand and as his mouth hung ajar in shock for his removed heart, the Herhukhsenri took great pleasure in forcing it back between his teeth. Blood spurted from the beating organ as he crushed it into the priest's mouth and before anyone else could witness the inquisitor's brutality, Unghaahi approached and quietly asked him to release the dead Themari from his vicous hold. Otenohi threw the lifeless priest into the waters near the docks and the two Amhadhri immediately when to Obhantaa's side

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